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Growing Ranks of Advanced Practice Clinicians

Implications for the Physician Workforce The New England Journal Of Medicine; by David I. Auerbach, Ph.D., Douglas O. Staiger, Ph.D., and Peter I. Buerhaus, Ph.D., R.N. Throughout the history of modern American medicine, physicians have made up the vast majority of professionals who diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication to patients.…

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You’re a Physician Assistant in Debt. There’s a Way Out

People pursuing a career as a physician assistant know that their careers are rewarding both emotionally and financially. According to, the average physician assistant salary in the United States is $103,344 in 2018, but the range typically falls between $95,125 and $113,936. With that salary often comes a substantial…

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Advantages of using a contingent staffing service

Sourcing, screening and hiring Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners can be a very difficult task. PA and NP Providers are typically an integral part of any organizations ability to effectively meet patient demands and provide top-level healthcare services. At Lyle Health, we solely recruit and place Physician Assistants and Nurse…

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The Lyle Recruitment Process: TLG is an executive PA & NP search firm

ANALYZE —Clearly define and understand the employers position. —Build a consensus among the team as to the key competencies required. —Discuss the responsibilities, experience preferences, specialty and location. —Develop an in-depth target profile of the ideal candidate — mandatory skills and preferred attributes. —Conduct targeted research on the employer and…

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PA Productivity

By Tricia Marriott Are you considering a production-based compensation package? Do you have full access to your production data? Unless you can thoroughly ascertain that all of your work is attributed to you, is appropriately valued and is incorporated into the data used to calculate your productivity, you may sell…

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