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Introverts can fit well into the nursing field. Jennifer Doering, associate professor at University of Milwaukee College of Nursing, has some tips:
1. Better listeners. Introverts let others speak and shine in a patient care situation.

2. More observant. Introverts are quieter, allowing them to be more observant and pick up on small clues.
3. Keep cool. Introverts can thrive in fast-paced hospitals. Introverts can keep their cool no matter what goes down.

4. Gives patients time to think and talk. “Silence allows a patient to process what you just said, and to share something they haven’t shared with anyone else,” Doering says.

5. Team player. Introverts aren’t focused on being the center of attention, which makes them the perfect team player.

6. Allows patients to be at ease. Introverts soft approach puts patients and their families at ease especially when the atmosphere is full of stress and the unknown. For more, click here.