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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 70% of jobs are found through professional networking, therefore it is crucial that one builds a secure network of professionals. Career advancement and placement are just two benefits. Try to make yourself into a confident networker by following these tips:

1. Social media. Linkedin is a sure way to find quality contacts. When using Linkedin look for those who are high-level networkers. These are the people with at least 500 connections and have optimized profiles.

2. Facebook groups. These groups offer visibility with colleagues worldwide.
3. Become an influencer. Like to write? Then, become a blogger. Like to teach? Fill your Instagram page with graphics of interesting facts. Create content that is compelling, informative, and intriguing. Use your nursing knowledge.

4. Volunteer. Find charities and organizations that align with your cause and goals. Volunteer to work events and fundraisers.

5. Conferences. These are great way to meet like-minded professionals. For more networking tips, click here.