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The MeToo movement has focused a lot of attention to the serious problems women face with sexual harassment and assault. But, many men and women also face daily bullying at their places of employment. Here are some tips to help you deal with a doctor who is demonstrating bully behavior:

1. Take control and report the inappropriate behavior. “Stand up for yourself and explain what that person did to you,” says Nick Angelis, C.R.N.A., and M.S.N., is the author of How to Succeed in Anesthesia School. “If things don’t change, then go talk to a superior.”

2. Try to get along. People hope bullying will go away. Sometimes, people just don’t get along and can choose to put differences aside. If that doesn’t work…

3. Find another job. If you’ve exhausted all efforts to stop the inappropriate behavior and it still continues, it’s time to leave and emphasize the inappropriate behavior at the exit interview as your reason for leaving.

4. Network with other nurses. Get information on prospective employers from nurses who work there. Is bullying a problem? For more, click here.