PA Oncology Houston TX

Job Title: PA Oncology Houston TX
Job ID: 5025030615
Employer: MD Anderson Cancer Center
Location: Houston, TX
Provider Category: Advanced Practice Providers (PA's, APRN's)
Provider Type: Physician Assistant
Specialty: Oncology
New Grads OK? No

Job duties are predominantly outpatient, but may also include taking care of patients on the inpatient service and assisting in the operating room. Above-average manual dexterity is necessary for appropriate surgical performance. Perform history and physical examinations for new, consultation and follow-up patients. This essential function requires above average verbal communication skills, as well as trained palpation, auscultation, observation, and other applicable skills. Obtain the history and physical examination, ordering and interpreting diagnostic and therapeutic test/procedures in coordination with Faculty supervising physician. Laboratory and radiological evaluations may be ordered and interpreted prior to the presentation of the patient to the physician based on findings in the history and physical examination. Obtain test results using the MDACC computer system, which requires comprehension and problem solving skills. Formulate an assessment and plan for each patient in coordination with the Faculty supervising physician. Dictate a patient note through the transcription service. This task requires a clear, audible voice, and a good command of the English language. Perform minor surgical procedures which may include wound debridement, suture/staple removal, drain placement or removal, seroma evacuation, biopsies, and other procedures as delegated by the supervising physician. Manage pre-operative and post-operative patients in coordination with the Faculty supervising physician. An in-depth understanding of the pathophysiology of both cancer as well as the surgical process and wound healing is necessary. Provide patient education. Patient education requires good interpersonal skills and a working knowledge of surgical oncology. Depending on the position, the midlevel may participate in surgery as first or second assist with the faculty. The use of a scalpel, electric knife, surgical instruments, sterile technique, and compliance with operating room rules and regulations may also be necessary. Trained observational skills will be important. Perform routine patient care, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as starting IV's, venipuncture, administering PO/IV/IM meds. Participate in the education of students including medical, physician assistant, nursing and allied health, etc. Requires the ability to communicate effectively and to give clear verbal instructions. Other duties that may be required are described in the MDACC institutional PA job descriptions. Participate in research and administrative projects pertinent to the patient population in the area where the PA is working. Coordinate the medical team in implementing the patient's treatment plan.